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Welcome to our angel name generator! Although today angels are mostly associated with Christianity, this concept is actually much older then the New Testament and can be met in various cultures. In Abrahamic traditions and Zoroastrianism, angels are usually portrayed as beautiful and benevolent supernatural creatures with while bird-like wings on their back, otherwise similar to people. It is said that they watch over humanity, guide people, act like intermediaries and carry out various other tasks as asked by God. Based on the Jewish scripts, angels have a strict hierarchy: the highest ranked are Chayot, Ophanim, Erelim, Ashmallim and Seraphim.

Although angels primarily belong to the realms of mythology and religion, over the last centuries these benign creatures have also seemingly entered popular culture: they feature in variety of bestseller book, television series and blockbuster movies, as well as numerous video games. Maybe you also came to this website looking for something or somebody to help you come up with a powerful and melodic name for your angelic character? If this is the case, look no more! This angel name generator contains tens of original suggestion that are just as beautiful as the names of angels mentioned in the Bible: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Sandalphon, Samael, Camael, Metatron and the fallen angel, Lucifer.

This angel name generator could also come in handy for those who are looking for extraordinary names to use as their login names, pen names or pseudonyms. Dalquiel, Ramiel, Catethel, Mahanaim, Iofel, Nisroe, Amriel, MariukHaroth, Raguel… Don’t you think these names sound just fascinating? Besides, don’t be afraid to experiment! You see a couple of names, both of which have something wonderful about them? Then why not mix them together! For example, instead of naming your angel Dalquiel or Ramiel, you could give him a name Ramquiel!

Now here is a short instruction for those who are visiting this website or the first time. To start looking, just click the button “Generate Angel Names” (the one you see right below his text). When you already feel like you have seen enough, slide down the window to sort out the best suggestions. First, find the best names in the list titled “Angel Names Generated”. Second, click on each of them, so they would be added to your “Favorite Names” list. We hope you will have a great deal of fun while using this angel name generator and visit our website the next time you need some original ideas!

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