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Welcome to our app name generator! If this is not the first mini program you have developed, you already know that finding the right name for an app is just as important as naming any other type or product or service. Make the right choice and the app you have developed will be the greatest hit of the following month. Choose the wrong name and nobody will ever learn that such an app exists. Well except your friends, parents and relatives. To make sure things don’t follow this later scenario, we have developed an app name generator that contains thousands of suggestions, which will catch your attention. Even if the program you have developed is really specific and you don’t find anything that suits your app in particular, we are absolutely sure that you will leave this website with a several good ideas in your head.
Now here are a few tips you might find useful. First of all, keep in mind that the name you choose has to be original. Otherwise your app will get lost among variety of apps that enter the market every day. However, don’t make it too original (or in other words original on the verge of incomprehensible/weird/impossible to decode). People won’t waste half an hour trying to figure out what your app does, thus its main function should be clear right away. The second tip you might want to keep in consideration while using this app name generator: avoid the suggestions that you find difficult to pronounce and spell. Difficult pronouncement might make it less likely that the news about your product spread through the word of mouth, while the complicated spelling might become an obstacle for the potential users who prefers to find all the available information on the internet before buying/downloading anything.
Now that you know what are the most important features of a good app name, go on and press the button that you see right below this text! You can keep clicking as long as you want: we won’t run out of suggestions. When you see the name that seems worth attention, slide down the window to find it in the list titled “App Names Generated” and click, so it would be transferred into the separate section. Keep in mind that the names that you have chosen as your favorites can be edited, thus you are welcome to make any improvements you can think of. Have fun using our app name generator!

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