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Welcome to our Asian name generator! Everyone who has ever bee dealing with this task know that coming up with the name (for either person or fictional character) is rather difficult. This is especially true if you have to come up with a name that would sound as if it was typical for some particular culture that is not your own. To help the ones who have accepted such challenge and now finds it a little too difficult to deal with on their own, we have developed an advanced Asian name generator that can come up with virtually unlimited range of melodic names and is extremely easy to use.

If you landed on this website, we assume you already have at least one idea where to use an Asian name, but here are some additional thoughts. First of all, have you ever considered giving an Asian name for your child? This could be a particularly good idea if you have some Asian heritage and want you child to have a name that would allow him/her to stand out of the crowd. Even if you live in a purely English city that has sheltered over ten generations of your ancestors, giving your kid an Asian name could have at least one great benefit: this way you could be sure that ten little boys won’t turn towards you as you call your son n the park.

The second way to utilize this Asian name generator is to use it as a source of ideas for your book/screenplay characters. You feel like the storyline you have developed is missing something? Maybe an exotic traveler from Korea, Vietnam, Japan or China could help you add some intrigue? Yui Komagata, Misato Doi, Remi Horri, Yumako Miyazaki, Joruri Matsuki, Ryo Kijimuta, Yae Sakuraba, Sakamae Ogiwara, Ngo Van, Nguyen Duong, Bui Tho, Tran Sinh, Suh Jung-hye, Rheem Hye, Choe Jae-min, Rim Soon-ok, San Sang-jin, Lim Eun-sook- these are just a few excamples of melodic and original names you could chose from.

Now here is how you use this Asian name generator: First you click the button that reads „Generate Asian Names“. If you like the suggestion, you slide down the window to find it at the top of the list titled „Asian Names Generated“. Then you click on the name, so it would be transferred into „Favorite Names“ section and continue searching. Good luck looking and don‘t forget this website the next time you fall short of ideas!

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