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Welcome to our blues name generator! Now if you are reading this text, we assume you are considering pursuing a career as a blues singer/player. There are variety of reasons why musicians choose to take up stage names instead of using their real ones: some of them think that their parents were not particularly original and creative when making the choice and want something that would allow them to stand out of the crowd, while the others simply believe that this is a good way to keep a healthy distance between their personal and professional lives. Blues singers usually take up stage names for both of these reasons: the names written in their passports are just not extraordinary enough to reflect all the power and magic that lies in blues, plus, it helps to save some sort of privacy. Whatever are your motives, we are absolutely sure that with this blues name generator you will be able to find a pseudonym that would be just as melodic as your music.
We guess this is not the first time you are using some sort of name generators: the internet is full of systems that promises to help you come up with a name for your alternative ego, cat, dog, game character or whatever you want. However, the generators provided on this website are a little different. As you might have noticed, most websites ask you to enter your real name, last name (and sometimes to provide other sorts of information) and then suggests the name that has nothing to do with anything you have typed in. We are not going to fool you in a similar manner. The suggestions provided by this blues name generator are really random, but that does not make them any less amazing. Jaundice Coconut McKinley, Strok’in Strawberry Reagan, Old Honeydew Monroe, Wormy Raisin Johnson, Swingy Grape Garnich, Hyperactive Mulberry Adams- these are just a few examples of memorable and catchy names you could take up.
Now here is how you use this system. First of all, click the button that reads “Generate Blues Names”. Then slide down the window to find two separate sections: “Blues Names Generated” and “Favorite Names”. The first of these lists will remind you the options that have already been generated, while the second will help you to keep track on the best of them. To transfer the name from one section to another, just click on it! Have fun using our blues name generator and don’t forget this website the next time you need some good ideas or names!

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