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Welcome to our Celtic name generator! There are some people who think that the Celtic culture has already died out, as did many cultures through history. However, this is quite far from truth. To this day there are six regions who have maintained their own Celtic language or/and some other cultural traits. These regions are called Breizh, Kernow, Eire, Mannin, Alba and Cymru. These names do not speak to you? How about Brittany, Cornwall, Ireland, Isle of Man, Scotland and Wales? As you have already realized, these are the same territories as they are called in the local languages and English, accordingly.
Over the last decades some of these territories, home to six Celtic nations (not to be confused with sovereign states), have witnessed the revival of old culture. Celtic languages have been introduced as subjects in schools and are slowly returning to the public sphere, there are plenty of people who take in Celtic traditions and the original Celtic names are getting popular again. Could it be that you also found this Celtic name generator while looking for a name for your newborn? If this is the case, congratulation on becoming a proud parent and good luck looking! The system we have developed contains thousands of different names, thus you will definitely be able to find the one that sounds good enough for your little bundle of joy.
This Celtic name generator will also come in handy for those who are about to start playing some RPG featuring Celtic characters. Kevon Thompson, Collin Donachaidh, Daimh Scrimgeour, Kinny Dunbar, Keleigh Boyd, Collene Doyle, Gwyn McCain, Megan O’Gara, Keanna Patterson- these are just a few powerful and melodic names you could assume. As you might now, both male and female Celtic names share exactly the same surnames, thus you can feel free to replace them without risking to make a mistake. Just choose the first name you like most and couple it with any last name you find appropriate!
Using this Celtic name generator is easier than you might expect. Just click the button you see below this text and one new suggestion will pop out right in front of you. You love the name and want it added to your favorites list? Slide down the window, find it in the section titled “Celtic Names Generated” and click- that’s all you have to do to get it transferred. Have fun using our Celtic name generator!

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