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If you landed on this city name generator, you already know how hard it is to think up an interesting name for an imaginary location. Don’t worry, it does not mean that you lack creativity. Only those who have never tried to think of a powerful and melodic name for the city can think that this is an easy task. But we both know that this is a daunting task that requires plenty of energy and time. Time, which could be used for much more awarding activities than sitting in front of the computer screen or a blank piece of paper, trying to come up with a perfect name for the city. That is why- to take this burden off your shoulders- we created this city name generator.

The truth is, when we start thinking, the first thing that comes into our minds are the names of the cities that actually exist. This might not be a bad option if you are writing a realistic story that could have actually happened in any city in the world, but if you are writing a fantasy book using the real names is not a good option. We will explain you why: our mundane thinking is always restricted by the knowledge of natural laws that applies on Earth. Thus, even if a person has an extraordinary imagination, he will find it hard to believe that something magical could have happened on earthly towns. But if you set the action in a fictional city, which is not pinned to any particular place in the world, his imagination will run free.

Of course, the perfect city name should not be absolutely unrealistic too. After all, there are some rules that most of the city names adhere to. For example, most of the currently existing old town names have some connections with the persons, families and tribes who used to live there or properties of local landscape (like Abingdon used to be known as Aebbeduna, which literally means Aebbe’s hill). Wherever you think lays the perfect balance between fantasy and reality, we are sure that this city name generator will help you find the perfect solution.

Now here is a brief instruction on how to use this system. First of all, click on the button “Generate City Names”. Each time you do that the city name generator will provide you with one new option. All the names you have already seen will be listed in the space below, under the title “City Names Generated”. Have fun!

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