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Welcome to our couple name generator! If you landed on this website, you are probably already aware of the meaning of concept “couple name”. But for those who ended here accidentally or opened this site out of pure curiosity, here is some information. The concept “couple name” was first coined in Hollywood by Lewis Carroll and soon became part of the daily language. Couple names are usually used to describe two celebrities who are dating, engaged, married or have other kind of romantic relationship. For example, the beautiful actress Angelina Jolie and her not any less attractive husband Brad Pitt was famously named Bragnelina. Another famous Hollywood couple, which is already raising a charming daughter Suri, was nicknamed TomKat.
The fact that the concept was born in the realm of celebrities does not mean that you can’t use this couple name generator too! According to Jared Eng, the author of the popular blog titled Just Jared, the couple names have spread partly because they help to attract popular attention. In fact, the headlines that include couple names are so catchy, that they are currently used not only by tabloids and internet bloggers, but also by Associated Press.
However, there are some other reasons behind the popularity of celebrity couple names. To mention a few, they are really convenient to use and pretty funny. Just try saying the name like “Bennifer” out loud, while still keeping a serious face on. That is just not possible! By the way, if you are still wondering what stands behind the name Bennifer, it is combination of the first names of two famed actors, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. Although those two have not been together for years now, most of us still remember this nickname. The other good examples of couple names are Jake Gyllenhal and Reese Witherspoon- Gyllenspoon, Kevin Federline and Britney Spears- Spederline, Vince Vaughan and Jennifer Aniston- Vinnifer.
Do you also know two lovers who cannot spend half an hour apart? Or maybe it is just a couple of friends that always stick together, no matter what? In both of these cases, this couple name generator is perfect for you. All you have to do is type either the first names or the last names of the two persons’ into the spaces below and the system will generate a funny and catchy suggestion. We hope you have fun using this celebrity name generator and visit our website the next time you need a good laugh!

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