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Welcome to our drag name generator! Most of you who have landed on this website are probably well aware of what the term “drag” means. However, there are actually at least three meanings of this word, plus, we assume there must be at least some people who opened this article out of pure curiosity, hoping to understand what are we talking about. So listen up: in the context of this article, drag is a man or woman who dresses and acts in a way that is usually associated with an opposite gender, mostly for the purpose of entertaining. Drag queens are men who behave and dress as a caricature woman, while drag kings (who are way less common) are women who behaves and dresses as a caricature man. Both groups exaggerate certain characteristics associated with the opposite gender role for a satirical, dramatic or comic effects.
There are quite a few people who confuse drag kings and queens with transvestites. Although in certain cases this might be true, this later term cannot be used as a synonym. There are a significant number of heterosexual women and men who sing, dance and generally perform as drag kings and queens, as well as gay and lesbian people. Although drag receives a lot of criticism from certain conservative segments of society, we say “haters gonna hate” and believe that this drag name generator is necessary. Even those who are not planning on performing as caricature women and men could have a lot of fun using our suggestions as nicknames. Plus, it will definitely be helpful for authors who have trouble coming up with a name for their drag queen/king character. Before you start using this system, you might be interested to hear a few names of famous drag performers: Lypsinka, Miss Understood, Chi Chi LaRue, The Lady Chablis and Dame Edna Everage are some of the best and probably most typical examples.
To start using this drag name generator, click the button you’ll see below this text. Then slide down the window to find two different spaces: one titled “Drag Names Generated” and the next one that reads “Favorite Names”. Pick the names that seem to be worth your attention from the fist list and click on each of them, so they would appear among your favorites. This way you won’t lose track of the best suggestions. No go on and have fun using this drag name generator!

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