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Welcome to our dragon name generator! As you all know, dragon is a mythological creature, typically portrayed with reptilian or serpentine traits. Historians and anthropologists who specialize in ancient civilizations usually point out two separate traditions of talking about Dragons: Chinese, which is similar to Japanese, Korean plus East Asian and European, which can be traced back to the ancient Greece and Middle East civilizations. In the 21th century this mythological creature is still alive in the popular culture. Dragons feature in variety of animated movies (such as How to Train Your Dragon), television series (like Game of Thrones) and video games, such as Dragon Age.
If you like these mysterious and powerful creatures just as much as we do, this dragon name generator is perfect for you! It will provide you with thousands of options, so you won’t have to waste time sitting in front of the computer screen, trying to come up with a cool name all by yourself. Morenth Protector of the Forest, Quoloth the Mysterious, Carolth the Dark One, Kisenth the Tall- don’t you think these names sounds simply amazing? They also leave you plenty of space for improvisation. For example, you can take the Dragon name from one suggestion and mach it with the tile from another. To put it another way, instead of naming your dragon Zoralth the Slow or Lenalth the Dark, you could name it Zoralth the Dark. You can also lose the title and use the short version of the dragon name, such as Parinth, Cinolth, Mesianth, Briant and etc.
This dragon name generator was primarily developed to help you come up with some cool names for videogame characters. However, you can use it in variety of other cases. Maybe you are writing a fantasy story which features dragons and do not know how to name them? If this is the case, this website will solve all your problems. It could also help you to think of a cool login name or pseudonym. If you are looking for some more generic magical names, you can also take a look at our fantasy name generator.
Using this website is incredibly easy. You just have to click on the button titled “Generate Dragon Names” and the suggestion will appear in the middle of your window. Don’t worry, you don’t have to try to remember them: all the names will be stored in the box below. Have fun using our dragon name generator!

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