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Elf name generator – get a fantasy Elf name now!

This elf name generator will help you come up with an original and melodic name for your character. It will suit your needs perfectly if you are playing World of Warcraft. As we all know, in this game elves is one of the oldest species on Azeroth, famed for grace, great spell-work and keen perception. Not any random name can suit such a magnificent creature! However, we guarantee that this elf name generator will help you find a perfect name that would sound both magical and original.
This system will provide you with millions of different names appropriate for all types of elves. There are plenty of names that will suit the night elves, the creatures who used to be primitive nocturnal humanoids, living upon the tranquil shores of the Well, but were turned into virtually immortal, strong and wise nation. You will also find variety of names that fit the blood elves, the members of mysterious nation addicted to magic, who calls itself in memoriam of those who had lost their lives under the siege of Quel’Thalas. This elf name generator will also help you come up with a name for high elves, pale-skinned creatures.
The bare fact that this generator was created with elven characters in mind does not mean that you cannot use it in other cases. If you love magic and the echoes of mysterious past that resounds in the names of the elves, you can use this elf name generator in variety of cases. It will definitely provide you with some suggestions for your login name, nickname or pseudonym. You can also use this system if you are writing a story and are not sure how to name your personage. It can also be useful if you are looking for an original name for your pet. Just imagine a graceful black cat, which looks just as wise and mysterious as elves, named Elrunia, Tyriand, Tinedith, Cothien or Madrielith… Wouldn’t it be just perfect?
Using this elf name generator is incredibly easy. Just click the button “Generate Elf Names” and you will see one of the possible options. All the names suggested will be stored in the same window billow, in the section titled “Elf Names Generated”. To make comparison easier, click on the name and send it into the box beside. If you think you will need the list of your “Favorite Names” again- take a copy!

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