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Welcome to our elven name generator! If you landed on this website, you are probably about to start playing some fantasy video game and need a cool name for your character. Yes, we know that no matter how great your imagination is, coming up with a powerful and original elven name is not easy. What makes things even more complicated is that most of the great names are already in use. This is why some of the players are going with really ridiculous ones that do not even fit the magical atmosphere of the game. Now that you found this elven name generator, you won’t have to repeat their mistakes. The system we have created will provide you with more suggestions then you could possibly read!
This particular elven name generator is perfect if you are going to play World of Warcraft. You need a name for night elf, the member of the wise, strong and virtually immortal tribe known as Kaldorei or “children of the stars”? Or maybe you are looking for something that would suit Highborn, “noble children”, the most loyal servants of Queen Azshara? You chose the character that belongs to the tribe of high elves or blood elves? Whichever is the case, we have some options for you: Elverawyn, Cardielith, Eowilmadia, Rioril, Hilad, Tiondra Cadriel, Vithraviel, Celarion, Gebriril, Amendel, Thararadia- these are just few of the names you could choose. One small tip you might find useful: in order to make the best choice, try reading all of the suggestions out loud. Some of them might actually sound way better than you have expected, while the others could be simply too difficult to pronounce. So what are you waiting for?

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In order to start looking, just click the button that reads “Generate Elven Names”: you will see it below this text. Keep clicking as long as you want, we are pretty sure you don’t have enough time to make us run out of suggestions. When you see the elven name you would like to take under further consideration, slide down the window to find the box titled “Elven Names Generated”. The name you have seen most recently will be at the top of the list. Click on it and your option will be immediately transferred into the section on the right, titled “Favorite Names”. Have fun using our elven name generator and share this website with your friends who are also partial to fantasy games!

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