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Welcome to our email name generator! If you want to lose your good mood, try to think up a really cool email name which would still be free. This might seem like an easy and pleasant task, but believe me- it is not. Especially if you want to register for such popular websites as Google or Yahoo. The days when you could have used your real name to create an email name are over, unless, of course, you have a very unique name. A lot of the other names, which are cool, catchy, funny and easy to remember, are also already in use. This is not only because such internet giants as Yahoo, Hotmail and Google already have millions of users, but also because most of these users have more than one account. This email name generator was created to help you deal with this problem. It will provide you with thousands of suggestion, thus you will never run out of good options.
Email name generator offered in this website is created to suit your personal requirements. First of all, it allows you to choose whatever prefix you like. Just type “Truly”, “Barely”, “My”, “The” or any other word you find appropriate in the little box billow. Next to it, on the right side of the window, is another box, titled “Suffix”. This is for you to type email address domain name, such as gmail.com, live.com, hotmail.com, etc. If you want to make your email name more personal, you can also add the word that describes you to the suffix. Here is an example of how this system works: If you choose “The” as a prefix and “traveler@gmail.com” as a suffix, the email name generator will offer such options as TheFunnyTraveler@gmail.com, TheSubsequentTraveler@gmail.com, TheSadTraveller@gmail.com, etc. If you really want to make the best choice, we suggest you read the whole address out loud. Sometimes it looks great written down, but sounds just ridiculous spoken out.
Using this email name generator is as easy as possible. Just click the button and the system will come up with one new suggestion. All the email names generated will be stored in a box on the left side of the window. If the name you like is already there, just click on it and it will be sent to the to your favorites list. Start using our email name generator right now and you will have a new email account after several minutes!

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