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Welcome to our fairy name generator. You might be surprised to learn that in some ancient cultures fairies were originaly described as tall, radiant beings or wizened trolls. According to some Celtic myths, fairies have been hiding since humans invaded the lands that belonged to them for centuries. Since then they regarded men with despise, anger and tried to hurt or fool them whenever presented with a good chance. Centuries later, fairies started featuring in stories for children as tiny, beautiful and good-willing creatures. To this day they appear in variety of books, animated series and video games.
This fairy name generator was created for people who adore these magical beings just as much as we do. Maybe you are writing a fantasy book or a short story? We are absolutely sure that the presence of fairy character would make it even more fascinating! For that case you could use such names as Snowflake, Stormy Cricketoad, Topiary Cutetwist, Serena Seapetal or Misty Fluttercup. This fairy name generator could also come in handy if you are about to start playing A Fairy Tale, TinkerBell’s Adventure or any other video game. It could also provide you with plenty of great ideas for your login name, professional name, stage name or nickname. However, we also have some generators for these particular purposes: for example, you can take a look at our pseudonym name generator.
Using this website is as easy as it gets. Just click the button “Generate Fairy Names” and the system will come up with a suggestion. You don’t like what you see? Just click it again and we will offer something else. Now if you slide down the window, you will see two separate spaces: one titled “Fairy Names Generated” and the other that reads “Favorite Names”. Here is a small advice: before picking the names you like most and transferring them into your favorites list, try reading it out loud. Some of the fairy names might look amazing, but sound unpleasant and be hard to pronounce. Before we forget- the names in your favorites list can be edited, so feel free to make any adjustments and improvements you find necessary. If you think that some of the names you are not going to use today might come in handy for you in the future, take a copy of them before you leave this website.
We hope you will have fun using this fairy name generator!

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