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Although we have all heard variety of beautiful and magical names, when the time comes to name our own fantastic character, as chance would have it, we often find ourselves out of the ideas. This fantasy name generator will help you make up really fantastic names in only few seconds. As there are millions of different interesting combinations of names, we can assure that you will never run out of options or won’t be able to find a name that fits your needs. This generator is perfect if you are writing a fantasy book and cannot think of a name that would represent the qualities of your character. Ulierin, Ethigonia, Seviawen- these are just few examples of the melodious names you could use.
If you are playing some video game were you have to choose the name for your kingdom, country, city or town, this fantasy name generator will also suit your needs. Onaulin, Onasa, Agrigoria- doesn’t it sound magical? We can already imagine all the fantastic stories that could take place in such kingdom and all the mysterious characters it would be inhabited by. The system provided in this website can also be used to create usernames, nicknames and team names that fit the games of RPG genre. It does not matter if you are a female or male, we are sure that this fantasy name generator will help you come up with an admirable name as it includes millions of names for both heroines and heroes.
The system we are offering is especially easy to use. A little below in this window you can see two separate boxes: one is called “Fantasy Names Generated” and the other is titled “Favorite Names”. The first of them contains all the names that are generated after you click the button “Generate Fantasy Names”. If you find the name you like among them, you can click on it to send it to the second box. This way you will be able to mace a comparison among the names you like best without any distractions. Of course, your choices are not irrevocable: you can edit the favorites list and delete the names out of it. If you think that the names you are not going to use right now might be useful for you in the future- take a copy, because the list won’t be saved automatically. We hope you will have fun using this fantasy name generator!


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