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Welcome to our fantasy world name generator! The system you have just found is capable of generating thousands of different names that will suit the most fascinating, magical creatures, as well as the man and women living along with them.
Maybe you came here looking for a name that would suit your video game character? If this is the case, this fantasy world name generator is exactly what you need. Each time you click the button below this text, the system will suggest you the name that will fit into the world of such legendary role playing games as World of Warcraft, The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, Final Fantasy, Fallout and The Legend of Zelda. There are some names that will suit elves, dwarfs, hobbits, wargens, werewolves, fairies, hobbits, gnomes and basically every fantasy race and species you could possibly think of, thus you most certainly won’t be disappointed.
This fantasy world name generator might also come in handy if you are writing a book or screenplay and need a name that would suit one of your supernatural characters. In fact, it could even help you to come up with some of their features! Just read the name, close your eyes and see what pops into your mind. This little exercise could not only help to improve the quality of your writings, but also be a great source of fun! You are neither a gamer, nor a writer, just a guy or girl who prefers the world of fantasy to the reality? In this case you might use this system to come up with an original nickname or online name! One little tip before you start looking- if you are not in the library and this does not put you in danger of being considered crazy, try reading each of the names out loud. You might be surprised to find out that some of them actually sound way better than they do in your head.
As we have already mentioned, all you have to do to get a suggestion is click the button that reads “Generate Fantasy Names”. When you find the name you really like, slide down the window to find it in the list titled “Fantasy World Names Generated” and click on it. This way the name will be transferred into your favorites list. Have fun using this fantasy world name generator and if you find it useful, please recommend this website to your friends!

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