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Congratulations on finding our free name generator! As you might already know, there are some websites that require the users to pay just so they could get some random suggestions. Although the fees required are not usually high and rather symbolic, this does not make it any less annoying, as it still makes you waste your time. This free name generator is different: we do not ask you to pay any fees or fill in any forms. All you have to get a suggestion is click the button.
Now before you start looking, here are a few tips you might find useful. First of all, keep in mind that the perfect name is always the one that matches the personality. Of course, if you are looking for a name for your child, you do not know what kind of person he will grow up to be. In this case you could look at the name as the way to express your hopes, wishes and expectations. You don’t know the meaning of the name? Every search engine will help you find tens of websites that are dedicated exactly for explaining the meaning and origins of various names.
Second, if you believe that originality is one of the most important qualities, take a look at the statistical data before making the final choice. For example, during the year 2012 some of the most popular names in Great Britain were Jack, Oliver, Charlie, George, Thomas, James, Ethan, Jacob, William, Daniel, Amelia, Lily, Emily, Sophia, Isabella, Sophie, Olivia, Jessica, Chloe, Mia, Isla, Ava and Charlotte. If you choose the name that is ranked within top 10-20 names of the year, it is most likely that your kid will share it with a few of his classmates. The third tip you might want to keep in consideration while using this free name generator: make sure that the first name and the last name not only sounds great separately, but also goes well together. Some people believe that it is better to match shorter first names with longer surnames, but this is not a rule.
Using this free name generator is as easy as it ever gets: just click the button right below this text and a new suggestion will appear in the middle of your screen. You can keep clicking as long as you want: the list is virtually endless. Good luck looking and don’t forget this website the next time you fall short of ideas!

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