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Everyone who has ever tried to come up with a good name for a game character, that would be both original and expressive, knows that this is not an easy and pleasant work. Actually, for many people this task is so boring and annoying, they just choose the first game name that comes to their mind. Yes, such a name might sound pretty dumb, but it is still a better solution than wasting your time and nerves trying to come up with a cool name all by yourself. However, there is a third option that will help you come up with a cool game name in just one minute: you can use this game name generator!
It will provide you with thousands of game names that are unique and still free. With this game name generator, never again you will have to resort to using the name you do not actually like or distort your name by adding meaningless numbers to it. Are you wondering whether the game name is actually this important? In our opinion, it is. If you are playing online games and using a really lame, meaningless name, it is much harder to earn the respect of other players. Of course, we are not claiming it is impossible: if you are a great player there is no doubt that sooner or later the others will notice your skills. Our point is that if you choose a jerky game name it will take longer, because most of the players will be already prejudiced against you. Meanwhile, if your game name is cool and easy to remember, you will make a good first impression. Galirith, Aomaric, Prelinia, Abelaloth- doesn’t it sound like the names of adventurous and mysterious characters you would like to know?
Here is a short instruction on how to use this game name generator. A new name will be generated each time you click the button “Generate Game Name”. Don’t worry- you don’t have to try to remember them all. The names you have already seen will be stored in a box titled “Game Names Generated”- you will find it billow. In order to send the name to your favorites list all you have to do is click on it. This way you will be able to make an easy comparison of the names you like.
We hope that this game name generator will help you find the perfect name for your character!

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