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Welcome to our girl name generator! If you landed on this website, it is likely that you are about to become a parent and need a name for your little angel. If this is the case, congratulations! Most parents find the process of choosing really difficult and it is not hard to understand why: after all, the name you pick will stick with your child for a lifetime and become a part of her personality. The decision becomes all the more complicated as all of the friends and relatives of the happy (would-be) parents seem to have some “great suggestions” and feel it is their responsibility to share it.
Of course, you cannot blame them: they are only trying to help. However, sometimes it is way better to consider the options alone, in the silence of your room. This is exactly what this girl name generator will allow you to do! Thousands of powerful and melodic names are now at your fingertips. After you and your partner choose a few of them, you can go and ask for an advice from the people who are really close to you and know you well.
Now here are some tips that will help you narrow down the options. First of all, if you like the sound of the name, don’t spare an effort to check what it means. There is variety of websites that will provide you with the exact meaning of the name in no time. Second, try reading the first name out loud, along with the last name. Some first names might sound wonderful separately, but lose their charm when coupled with a surname. The opinion that shorter first names sound better with the longer last names (and vice versa) is quite widespread, but this is not some sort of general law. If you and your partner believe that a certain combination sounds perfect, you should go with it.
Now here is a short instruction on how to use this girl name generator. For starters, click the button that reads “Generate Girl Names”. When certain suggestion catches your eye, slide down the window to find it at the top of the list titled “Girl Names Generated”. Click on that charming name and it will be immediately transferred into the separate space, making comparison easier. We hope that the girl name generator we have developed will help you find the name that your child could be proud of!

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