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Welcome to our graffiti name generator! Picking a good street art name is a pretty difficult task. However, this is not the kind of decision were you could afford making a mistake. If you succeed and become a well known graffiti painter, the pseudonym you choose will stick with you for years to come. In fact, you will probably hear it more often than your actual name. This is why we believe that a person who dreams of becoming a recognized street artist should grudge neither time nor effort for choosing the perfect name. To help people coping with this task we developed this advanced graffiti name generator. It contains thousands of cool suggestions, so even the pickiest artists will find something that suits all their requirements.
To start looking, click the button that reads “Generate Graffiti Names”. Every time you repeat this action the system will come up with one new suggestion. Now here are a few tips that will help you narrow down the options. There are three basic qualities that a good street name must have. First of all it has to be memorable. If the person who sees your name written down on the wall or hears it in the street forgets it in five minutes, the information about your art won’t spread through the word of mouth.
Second, the name must both sound and look good. Now which of these qualities is more important depends on the kind of street art you are going to work with. If you are planning to put your name into the central part of your painting, the most important question you have to answer is whether the letters flow together. However, if you are planning to concentrate on characters or 3-D urban art, you can ignore the looks. Another thing you should keep under consideration while using this graffiti name generator is pronunciation and spelling. Don’t make people wonder how your name is supposed to be pronounced or spelled. Take the simple and memorable street names as an example: Invader, Bansky, Retna, Cope2.
When you see the name you like, slide down the window to find the section titled “Graffiti Names Generated”. Click on the name that has caught your attention in order to transfer it into your favorites list. You have some ideas on how to improve our suggestion and make it more personal? You can write it down without leaving this graffiti name generator: the names in your favorites list can be edited.

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