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Welcome to our hacker name generator! Most people imagine hackers as some sort of benevolent masterminds who use their knowledge to steal incredible amounts of money from private accounts and companies, as well as aiming for cyberworld domination to increase their personal influence or just to cause some harm. Probably for the greatest part this perception comes from Hollywood movies. However, over the last couple decades there have been more than a few hackers who would suit this description just perfectly. You might have heard about Jonathan James who was believed to have managed to hack into the networks belonging to U.S. Department of Defense, Miami –Dade and NASA at the time he was only 15 years old. Among the other famous criminal hackers are Kevin Mitnick, Albert Gonzalez, Kevin Pouslen and Garry McKinnon.
Let us state this right now: this hacker name generator was not developed to encourage the affairs led by these notorious men. If laws and moral standards are not enough to stop you from following in their footsteps, keep in mind that neither of these benevolent hackers has ended up well. Some of them have suffered particularly tragic faiths. For example, Jonathan James committed suicide in 2007, after being charged with causing massive financial losses for NASA and variety of other breaches. Albert Gonzales was sentenced for 20 years in prison.
This hacker name generator was developed for those who fall in line with an original definition of hackers: the ones who simply enjoy fiddling around with hardware gigs and software source code. This type or hackers are usually called “white hats”, as opposed to “black hats”, the criminals. Phantom, Master Legend, Troll Plague, Uber Plague, Network Lord, Cyber Sword, Bla4ck Pl4gue, Ice Blade, Shadow Beta, TrOl PhOenix, Major Spirit, Core, Dr. X, Silver Skeleton, One Gasp- these are just a few examples of cool pseudonyms you could assume.
Now here is how you use this hacker name generator. First of all, click the button that reads “Generate Hacker Names”, then slide down the window to find two separate spaces: “Hacker Names Generated” on the left and “Favorite Names” on the right. To sort out the best suggestions, find them in the first of these lists and click on each. This way they will be transferred to your favorites and the comparison will become easier. Plus, the names you chose as your favorites can be edited! Have fun using this system and come back when you want something new!

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