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Welcome to our hero name generator! It is hard to imagine a good story without a colorful and impressive hero character. In fact, a really great hero character is enough for a comic, book or movie to go down into the history. Just think of the Superman, the first comic book superhero who received widespread public attention ant served as an ice-breaker for the popularization of variety of other fascinating characters, such as Spiderman, Batman, Wolverine, The Hulk, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Captain America.
Most of these heroes have already become an integral part of popular culture and the artists who have created them are remembered years after their deaths. Would you also like to go down into the history as the creator of legendary comic book character? If the answer is yes, this hero name generator is the answer to all your prayers. It will help you to find the perfect name for the character you have already developed and inspire you to create a new one!
This hero name generator could also come in handy if you are writing a screenplay for a fantasy movie. Of course, an impressive hero character does not necessarily have to poses any supernatural abilities. James Bond, Rick Blaine form Casablanca and Rocky Balboa are widely considered some of the most memorable heroes in movie history, although they did not have any extraordinary powers. What takes for the character to be classified as a real hero is to put the well-being of others in front of his own needs and to demonstrate bravery in difficult situations where others would cave in.
This system could also be useful for writers who are struggling to find the names for their book characters. Nobody would argue that an impressive hero character can have a major influence on the success of the whole book (if you think you could, just try to imagine whether To Kill a Mocking Bird would have made it into the lists of masterpieces if it wasn’t for Atticus Finch). However, not everyone understands that coming up with the perfect name nearly just as important as developing the character itself.
Using this hero name generator is incredibly easy. Just click the button that reads “Generate Hero Names” and the system will suggest one original option. Have fun and don’t forget this website the next time you need some inspiration!

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