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Welcome to our hip hop name generator! Finding the right pseudonym is the task that should be taken seriously by every artist, especially by those, who are planning to pursue a professional career in music industry. We all know that today the competition in this field of show business is simply enormous. There are millions of young man and woman struggling to catch their star. Some of them are talented and actually have a chance to make it to the big stage, while others are just hopeless dreamers, torturing the audience with their terrible demo’s and covers. The problem is, before you click the button to play the track of the new artist you have never heard of, there is no reliable way to say whether it is worth listening to. The only thing you can do is try to judge by the name. This is one of the main reasons why we have decided to create this hip hop name generator. It contains thousands of cool suggestions, so you will definitely be able to find the one that evokes curiosity and attracts positive attention.
Before you start looking, here are some tips you might find useful. Thirst of all, try to find the balance between the name being too goody and the one that just shouts “badass”. Sure, hip hop is not the kind of genre were the artist would be expected to demonstrate an exquisite courtesy and perfect manors. However, the name that is extremely vulgar could also be repulsive. Plus, you definitely don’t want your name to be censored-out on television and other forms of media. Second, look for the name that would be easy to remember and not too difficult to spell. Otherwise your future fans will have trouble finding and downloading your tracks on the internet. Another thing you should keep in consideration while using this hip hop name generator is that a good stage pseudonym must be easy to pronounce. This will prevent variety of misunderstandings. Plus, with an easy name the information about you will be more likely to spread through the word-of-moth.
To start looking, simply click the button that reads “Generate Hip Hop Names”. Each time you repeat this action, the system will come up with one new suggestion. Some of the suggestions you had seen have already slipped out of your mind? Just slide down the window to find them all listed in a row. Have fun using our hip hop name generator!

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