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Welcome to our indie band name generator! Although most of us use this term regularly, there are some people who actually have no clue what stands behind the term “indie”. Believe it or not, but we have even heard some people guessing that this word must have something to do with Indian culture. The fact is, at least while we are talking about music, “indie” means independent. Originally it “indie bands” referred to groups that worked with small independent (hence “indie”) labels and had little chances of ever gaining mainstream popularity. In such cases the word was used as a synonym to “alternative”. After some of the indie musicians broke into the ranks of best selling artists, the term was started to use to describe quite a wide range of music. Today the genre is internally divided and could hardly be described in a few sentences, but the real indie fan always recognizes indie band when he hears one.
Now before you start using this indie band name generator, here are a couple of facts you should keep in mind. First of all, you should take this task really seriously. The name could determine the future of your group: the wrong choice in this field could prevent your potential fans from listening to your tracks and win you a couple more years of rehearsals in your parents garage and gigs on the street (god forbid, we do not have anything against garage bands and street musicians, but we believe you have higher hopes for your future career). Second, keep in mind that although you are encouraged to make improvements to our suggestions, the final name should remain relatively short. This way it will be easier to remember and the info about your band will be more likely to spread through the word of mouth. Plus, this way your listeners won’t have trouble finding your music on the internet.
Using this indie band name generator is incredibly easy. Click the button below this text and a new suggestion will pop out right in front of you. To make your decision easier, slide down the window and find the best suggestions in the section titled “Indie Band Names Generated”, then click for them be transferred into your favorites list.
So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start looking right now, registration is not required! Good luck and if you find this website useful, please recommend it to your friends!

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