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Jedi name generator: Congratulations on finding our Jedi name generator! Episode IV: The New Hope, the cinematic masterpiece which started the legendary film series Star Wars, was presented for the audience in spring 1977.It was later followed by two more movies that completed the original trilogy: Episode V: Empire Strikes Back and Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. These spectacular works, directed by celebrated George Lucas, made a huge impact on movie industry. Eventually it was recognized as one of the greatest film series that has ever been released and earned its creators undying fame, as well as considerable fortune. Although it has been quite long since the last movie of prequel trilogy, Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, has reached the cinemas, Star Wars characters remain part of the popular culture. Probably the most popular of them are Jedi, brave and wise knights, members of monastic spiritual organization. Due to unfading interest in Jedi knights, we decided to develop this Jedi name generator.
Maybe you are writing a book or story that will tell Star Wars fans how the lives of main characters have developed over the further decades? Or maybe your story will tell the adventures of their children? We know that sometimes finding the right name for the character can be way harder and less rewarding task then developing the character itself. However, with this Jedi name generator your job will be much easier: all you will have to do is keep clicking the button until you see the right name. This system could also come in handy if you are about to play some video-game that takes place in Star Wars universe and want to assume the role of Jedi knight. If you are neither an author nor a gamer, but love these fantastic movies, you could use Jedi name as you as your nickname or login name!

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Now here is a short instruction that will make using this Jedi name generator as easy as possible. As we have already mentioned, all you have to do to get a new suggestion is click the button that reads “Generate Jedi Names”. If you slide down the window, you will find two separate spaces: one called “Jedi Names Generated” and another one titled “Favorite Names”. All you have to do to transfer the name from one section to another is click on it. Have fun using our Jedi name generator and remember this website the next time you don’t have time for making up names!

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