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Jersey Shore name generator

Welcome to our Jersey Shore name generator! The reality television series that inspired us to create this system premiered in 2009. For those who do not know much about this show, here is a brief description of its content. Jersey beach followed the daily lives of eight housemates, most of who were of Italian-American ethnicity and originated from New York. Although during three years on the show has never changed its name, some of the later seasons were actually filmed out of New Jersey, in Seaside Heights, Miami Beach and even Italy.
The show has created a lot of controversy and attracted mass audience. If you landed on this Jersey Shore name generator, you have probably seen at least a couple of episodes yourself. Some commentators have described it as “six seasons of drunken foolishness” and deemed it to be “shockingly vulgar”. We might have to agree that during their time on the show the eight “stars” did not demonstrate a lot courtesy or intelligence. Most people admit that the description “arrogant, ignorant fools” would be pretty accurate. Looking from the other side of the camera, it actually seems like the eight roommates have spent the lager part of the time between 2009 and 2012, getting drunk, falling, hooking up, getting tanned, taking care of their “beauty” and fighting with each other. Even those who couldn’t be described as over-achievers themselves mostly agree that this is pretty much the douchiest way to spend three years of life. That is why in the eyes of some TV viewers the show’s stars, like the notorious Snooki, have become the living symbols of vanity and stupidity.
So why did we decide to add to this douchery by developing this Jersey Shore name generator? Although today, almost one year since the last episode of Jersey Shore has aired on television, its critics seem to dominate in the internet, there is probably a more accurate way to describe this show. As one internet blogger has put it, “it was so incredibly bad, it was almost good”. That’s why millions of people have spent their evenings watching eight persons they have never met wasting their time and seemingly enjoying it. You can criticize Jersey Shore and you will probably have some good points, but the fact is that these reality television series was something to see. It is safe to say that this program has entered the popular culture and that is why we believe that thousands of people, including you, will have fun using this Jersey Shore name generator!

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