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Welcome to our Khajiit name generator! If you landed on this website, you are probably well aware of what Khajiit is. However, here is some information for those who followed the link to this article just to find out what stands behind this strange word. The facts provided below might also be interesting for those who have started playing The Elder Scrolls just recently and still lack information on races that dwell in Tamriel.
So, I guess we have already given away what is Khajiit… It is one of ten races playable on The Elder Scrolls games (alongside such human races as Breton, Imperial, Nord, Redguard, elf/mer Altmer, Bosmer, Dunmer, Orsimer) and one of only two beast races, alongside Argonians. Originating from the province of Elswayr (isn’t this name spectacular?), Khajiits are known for their inborn stealth, agility and skill to produce Moon Sugar, which can be latter refined into skooma. These humanoid cats make their living travelling around Tamriel, selling their wares. Although other races in the continent do not usually trust Khajiit, because they are racially prejudiced and believe that most of these nomadic creatures are thieves, they respect Khajiits for their skills.
While developing this Khajiit name generator, we followed the rules that seem to be used to create the names in the game. As you might have already noticed, this race speaks with Indian or Arabic accent and their names are quite similar to the ones typical for these cultures. Sholani, Ak’Khjan, Zanbari, Ranna’Jahir Sajipsear, Zanris Solnair- these are just a few examples of interesting names you could choose. If you are going to play the game that was released before Morrowind, you will also need a surname. But in the newer releases of The Elder Scrolls they are no longer used. One more interesting fact: when speaking about themselves, Khajiits don’t use the pronoun “I”, but use their first name instead. For example, J’Zargo says “J’Zargo is leaving now”, not “I’m leaving”.
As you will notice, this Khajiit name generator is incredibly convenient: just click the generating button below this text and the system will come up with one original suggestion. To make comparison easier, you can sort out the best options using “Khajiit Names Generated” and “Favorite Names” lists: you will find both of them below in this same window. Have fun using our Khajiit name generator and don’t forget this website the next time you are about to start playing The Elder Scrolls game!

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