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Welcome to our Killjoy name generator! If you landed on this website, you probably don’t need to be explained what this system is all about. But for those who were led there by pure curiosity and are currently wondering what a hell Killjoys are, here is some information. Killjoys are the community of fans, who adore the alternative rock band My Chemical Romance and especially their latest album, entitled Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys. All of the records included in this latest masterpiece, as well as their videos, are set in the fictional post-apocalyptic California. It is 2019 and most of the population is controlled by nefarious corporations. Only a small group of outsiders, dubbed Killjoys, are still fighting for freedom.
Inspired by this album, thousands of My Chemical Romance fans started imitating both the looks and lifestyle of this rebel community. The person who wants to join the fandom has to come up with an alternative name, which would fit the albums spirit. To help those who want to join the ranks of fabulous Killjoys, we have developed this Killjoy name generator. It will provide you with thousands of cool names, all you have to do is chose the one that suits your character. Electric Ghost, Neon Rainbow, Toxic Blood, Spontaneous Fire- these are just few examples of cool names you can adopt.
Now although this Killjoy name generator will help you come with a perfect nickname, there are some more things you will have to do before you can call yourself a real member of this fan community. First of all, if you have not done it yet, watch the videos for the songs “Sing” and “Na Na Na”- that will help you understand what it is all about. Second, as we have already mentioned, Killjoys are a rebel community, so you will have to give up caring about what the society might think. Of course, we do not suggest you start jerking out at school or hurt somebody. You just have to do what you think is right, no matter what the others would talk. The third advice concerns your style: don’t be afraid to experiment and make some clothes by yourself!
Now enough of the tips, go ahead and start using our Killjoy name generator! Have fun and don’t forget this website the next time you need some cool ideas for names!

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