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Welcome to our Latin name generator! If you landed on this website, you would probably agree that Latin names are somewhat special. They are a little bit archaic and at the same time evergreen, classy and yet original, powerful, melodic and meaningful.
Although a significant part of modern English names are derived from Latin ones, judging solely by ear it is hard to tell their actual origins. Some of the modern names imitate the sound of ancient Latin names, but actually have no links to the Latin language. In fact, today, when there are no rules to limit the options, there is an obvious tendency of popularization of names that has no meaning at all! People just combine random syllables that in their opinion go together well. Sure, such name might seem original, melodic and seem as a great choice at that moment. But what is left there when people get used to the sound and the element of originality looses significance? Probably not much… This is why we believe that this Latin name generator could actually be one of the best options for people who are looking for something both original and meaningful.
Aimie (beloved), Alba (fair one or white), Amalia (nourishing), Domonic (belonging to a God), Donte (enduring, steadfast), Francesca (a free man), Inaria (the queen), Jermaine (brother), Juliet (Jupiter’s child), Kai (to rejoice), Luka (to shine, glitter), Mandy (lovable), Marcia (dedicated to Mars), Orion (rising sun, morning sun) and Vince (conqueror) – these are just a few examples of wonderful names you could choose. One tip you might want to keep in consideration while using this Latin name generator: if you are going to give your child a really long last name, try to pick a shorter first name. This is not some kind of rule, but most people believe this trick has a balancing effect on the whole name and makes it sound smoother.
To start looking for the perfect name, click the button that reads “Generate Latin Names”. Keep clicking until you see a name you would like to take under further consideration and then slide down the window to find the list titled “First Names Generated”. If the name that has coughed your attention has been the previous one generated, it will be right at the top of the list. Click on it and the name will be immediately transferred into the section “Favorite names”. We hope you will find this Latin name generator really useful!

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