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Welcome to our leprechaun name generator! You might think you are well aware of what the leprechaun actually is, but in reality there are plenty of people who have been misled by Hollywood movies and picture these creatures in an absolutely different way than they are portrayed in Irish folklore. So here comes some information…
Leprechaun is the type of fairy, which usually appears in a form of an old, short man. In some sources they are said to be not any taller than a small child, but on this aspect the descriptions vary. Centuries ago it was believed that leprechauns are as real as you and me, but they are rarely seen by a human eye, due to their busy schedule and lifestyle: according to Irish folklore, leprechauns spend most of their time making shoes. These greedy creatures collect coins and latter store them in the pots made out of pure gold, at the end of the rainbow. Generally, you wouldn’t want to meet an Irish leprechaun, because they are known t enjoy taking part in mischief. However, if you were lucky and fast enough to catch one of these green-coated creatures, he would fulfill three of your wishes in exchange for freedom.
Are you thinking “well, this is all quite interesting, but is there actually any way this leprechaun name generator could be useful for me?”. In fact, the system you have just came across could come in handy in variety of cases, but to save your time we are going to mention only one of them. Whether you know it or not, some people take up leprechaun names to make the Patrick’s Day celebration more special. Sprinkles Daffodil, Fightin’ Bunyon, Warty Toadstool, Wooly Clover, Blarney Clumsy, Thunderous Tater, Bleary Greeny- these are just a few examples of funny and catchy names this leprechaun name generator can offer.
To start looking, simply click the button that reads “Generate Leprechaun Names” (yes, it’s the one you can see right below this paragraph). You need more than one name, for you and your friends? Here is how you could make sure that the best suggestions won’t slip out of your mind: slide down the window until you see the section titled “Leprechaun Names Generated”, find the name that has coughed your attention and click on it- this way it will be transferred into your favorites list. Now go ahead and start using our leprechaun name generator! Good luck!

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