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Welcome to our mafia name generator! If you look at the dictionary, you will see that mafia is described as a certain clan or culturally-based criminal organization. That means they act against the laws and their working methods do not fall in line with socially acceptable patterns of behavior. Despite that, millions of people openly (or at least secretly) adore mafia characters.
Their lifestyle was glamorized in variety of movies. You have probably seen the legendary Godfather film series, directed by Francis Ford Coppola and were fascinated with its spirit just as much as we. Vito, Michael and Sonny Carleone, Peter Clemenza and Tom Hagen… who could ever forget these characters? Another mafia movie definitely worth mentioning is Goodfellas, directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Ray Liotta, Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci. And of course, there were cult television series Sopranos that garnered a solid number of the most prestigious awards, including 21 Emmy and 5 Golden Globes.
When you think about it, it seems like a talented director and convincing mafia characters are enough to make a film or movie that would go down in history. Do you also have some ideas for a breathtaking crime movie but have trouble naming your characters? In that case this mafia name generator is all you could wish for. It contains thousands of realistic and powerful names, so you will never run out of cool options. This mafia name generator will also come in handy for those who enjoy online multiplayer video games, such as Mafia Wars. You have never tried it? You should definitely do it right now! In Mafia Wars the players build their own criminal clans and engage in fights with each other, take up various tasks and get rewarded for their achievements. If you are not a video games’ fan, but adore strong, masculine and influential mafia characters, you could also use this website to find a cool pseudonym, login name or nickname.
Using this mafia name generator is incredibly easy. Just click the button that reads “Generate Mafia Names” and the new suggestion will appear right in the centre of your computer screen. You can keep clicking as long as you want. We could bet that you’ll run out of patience, before we run out of cool suggestions. If you think that some of the names you have seen here might be useful for you in the future, take a copy of your favorite’s list before you leave this website. Have fun!

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