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Welcome to our mage name generator! If before looking for help in the vast reaches of internet you have tried to come up with a mage name all by yourself, you already know that this is not an easy task. This is especially true, if you are not even sure how a traditional mage name is supposed to sound. But even if you do, coming up with one relying only on your own imagination is a task that might require quite a lot of time, creativity and patience. If you have neither of these goods and virtues, this mage name generator is exactly what you need. It contains hundreds of different mage name combinations, thus even our choosiest visitors will find something that meets all their requirements.
While developing this system, we were mostly aiming to help the RPG players. As you know, mage characters features in variety of video games, such as Mage: The Ascension or Mage: The Awakening. However, this system could come in handy in the widest range of situations. Maybe you are writing some sort of book and have no clue how to name the mage character you have developed? Or maybe you are about to start a career as a professional magician and need a pseudonym? Are you neither an author, nor a gamer, just a guy/girl who think mage names are cool and want to use one as your nickname/account name? Whichever is the case, we believe that with this mage name generator you will find the solution. It contains some traditional mage names, such as Amicus Whitemourne, Tristan Ravenbrook, Tasha Darkwatter, Izolda Brightbreeze, some really cool ones, like Gesica the Blue, Paige the Terror, Giselle the Mysterious, Sergei the Cuning, Thanus the Black and some funny names: Elias Violeteweather, Simon Sparclepick, Fredy Thicktongue, Derby Cutehat, Ursula Guytoe, etc.
So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and click the button that reads “Generate Mage Names”! As soon as you do it, the system will come up with one magical suggestion. If you slide down the window, you will find two separate sections that will help you sort out the best options: “Mage Names Generated” and “Favorite Names”. Choose the name in the first of these lists and click, so it would be added to your favorites. Have fun using this mage name generator and come back the next time you have trouble coming up with the name for some sort of character or yourself!

so please, go ahead and give a try for our mage name generator

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