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Welcome to our metal band name generator! If you landed on this website, you probably planning to shake the scene of metal with some hardcore music and need a name that would be worth of your sound. You are absolutely right to think that choosing the name for the group is an extremely important step on your way to stardom. In fact, it could determine your future career.
Although we all have been taught to “never judge a book by its cover”, it is still what most of us do when presented with overwhelming variety of options. The same is true with the bands. Nowadays, when there are so many groups trying to break through into the music industry, listening to all of them is virtually impossible. Ok, it might be possible and maybe some of the most devoted metal fans actually do that, but this exception just proves the rule. Still the greatest part of the audience makes their fist judgment based on the band’s name and the impression they get determines whether they are going to listen to their track. To make sure that no potential fans are repelled by the name of your group, we have developed this metal band generator! It contains thousands of different name combinations, thus you will definitely be able to find the one that suits you.
Now before we go any further, here is one useful tip: although we always encourage users to use our suggestions as the source of inspiration instead of taken them as given (this is why the names in your “Favorite Names” list can be edited!), it is better if you keep the name short. Extensive names are harder to remember (making it less likely that listeners will manage to recall them when asked for recommendations) and chant. And let’s be fair, you will want your fans to chant until they lose their voices.
Here is a brief instruction on how to use this metal band name generator. First of all, click the button that you see below this text. Then slide down the window to find two separate spaces: one titled “Metal Band Names Generated” and the other “Favorite names”. The later of them will be particularly useful if you don’t want to seem too “authoritarian” and impose the particular name on your band-mates. In that case, just chose the best suggestions from the total list, add them to your favorites by a simple click and then let them vote. We hope you will find this band name generator useful!

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