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Welcome to our monster name generator! Monsters are those things that go bump in the night. They are what the worst nightmares are made of. They are the reason why small children are not able to sleep at night and are afraid to look at the closet. They are the reason why parents can’t sleep at night too, because they have to sit at the end of their kids’ beds until the little ones fall asleep. Do you remember begging your parents to let you stay up past bedtime to see a monster movie and then regretting this, because you sincerely doubt you will make it to your room alive and even if you do, you think this is there is a considerable chance that you won’t live to see the sunrise? We do… But enough of that, we are not here to share childhood memories.
We are here, because monsters are not only what nightmares are made of. They are what amazing fortunes are made from too. You must know at least some of the monster movies that earned the title “blockbuster” and turned the people who worked on their development into the stars. The Host and its main character of the same name, the giant mutant killer amphibian creature, Nosferatu and the Vampire, which earned Max Shreck an everlasting fame, Super 8 (one of the newer movies in this category, which reached the cinemas in 2011), Q the Winged Serpent, Monster Squad, Slither, Trollhunter, Humanoids From the Deep, Them!- these are just a few of the great films that have gained success particularly because they have featured unforgettable, chilling monster creatures. Are you also writing a script but have trouble coming up with the name for a bloodcurdling character you have developed? If this is the case, this monster name generator is exactly what you need. It contains hundreds of names that will suit the widest range of beasts, aliens, zombies, mutants and pretty much all the other nightmarish characters you could think of.
Using this monster name generator is as easy as itever gets: just click the button you see below this text and a new suggestion will appear right in front of you, while the previous one will be transferred into the sections titled “Monster Names Generated”. If you want the particular suggestion to be added to your favorites, just find it under the title we have just mentioned and click on it. Have fun (fear) using our monster name generator!

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