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Welcome to our movie name generator! Everyone who has some experience in this field knows that choosing the right name for the movie is extremely important. As for one reason, it is the first thing that people will hear about it. You don’t believe us? Just try to remember what do you ask first when somebody gives you a really impressive movie description. Yes, the question that pops into your head first is “How it is called?”. And if the title is really stupid and disappointing (something like “The Lucky Number Levin”, which is considered one of the worst movie titles ever) most of the times you don’t even bother reminiscing it.
To make sure your movie won’t be doomed for failure just because you could not think of the right name, we have developed this movie name generator. It contains thousands of cool suggestions, so everything is in your hands now! If you choose wisely, this could be the first major step to your success. Believe us or not, but the same laws actually apply to both meeting new people and hearing new movie titles: the first impression is pretty much everything. If you find the person attractive, mysterious, interesting, stimulating, exciting and provoking the moment you meet one, you already have the grounds for a solid relationship. Of course, if that person is a total jerk, you will realize it sooner or later. But it can take weeks to get out of the spell of first impression. The similar mechanisms are at work when you start watching the movie. If the title has raised your curiosity before you clicked the button “play”, the first ten minutes will pass by like a second. And when these “charms” fade away, you will already be dragged into the plot.
Before you start using this movie name generator, here is one tip you might find useful. First of all, avoid the names that are extremely long. In fact, most of the times the rule that says “the shorter the better” actually applies for film titles. Just think about “Jaws”- could you ever forget it? Now compare it with the name “The Endless Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”. We have to admit that this later movie name is interesting and original, but who could remember it all? “The Endless… Spotless… Or was it sleepless?” That is what most people would think 5 minutes after hearing such title.
No go on and start using our movie name generator!

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