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Thank you for choosing our name anagram generator! If you have missed the English literature class in which the teacher talked about anagrams and are currently wondering what stands behind this mysterious world, here is an explanation for you: anagram is the type of wordplay that results from rearrangement of letters in an original name, phrase or word. A simple example to make it clearer: the anagram for the word carthorse would be orchestra and vice versa. Historians claim that this kind of wordplay has already existed in Biblical times. Beck then it was used to find the hidden meaning behind the names of saints and prophets.
Although centuries have passed since the invention of this little “game”, it is obvious that that people have not got bored of it yet and this is exactly why we have decided to develop this name anagram generator. Of course, if you have enough time on your hands, you could write down the phrase you like and try to rearrange the letters in such a way that it would make up a name. However, this is not the kind of task you could complete in several minutes. So why don’t you just click the button you see below this text and let us do it for you? You can repeat this action as long as you want and each time this name anagram generator will provide you with one original suggestion.
Of course, we do not expect you to remember all the names you see. This is why we have also created a supporting list to contain all the names that have been generated up to that point (you will find it a little billow in this same window). If you want the name to be transferred into the sections “Favorite Names”, all you have to do is click on it. The name you have picked as one of your favorites a couple of minutes ago does not seem that appealing now? Just get rid of it: the names in this later list can be deleted, as well as edited.
If you landed on this website rather accidentally and are not yet sure where to use a name anagram generator you have just found, here are a few suggestions: it could come in handy if you are looking for pseudonym, stage name, nickname, game name, password or login name for any sort of website!

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