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Welcome to our Nord name generator! To avoid any misunderstandings, we are telling you right now. This system was developed to generated names that suit the Nord race of Elder Scrolls. If you have never tried this game and landed on this website rather accidentally, you are relay missing a lot. The Elder Scrolls, with Skyrim ahead, is widely considered one of the greatest role-playing game series ever created. Every single day millions of players enter the fictional continent of Tamriel to chase the dragon named Aduin and to prevent the destruction of the world, or just to explore the world of fantasy. The popularity of Skyrim is the reason why we have decided to develop this Nord name generator.
As you might already know, Nords is the race that lives in the northern province known as Skyrim. According to Bethesda Sowtworks designers who worked on this magnificent game, the inspiration to create Nords came from historical sources. If you look a little bit closer, you will notice that these characters resemble both Scandinavian Vikings and European Celtic People as they were in Iron and Dark Ages. They are white-skinned, well built and usually have blue eyes, as well as blond hair. Nords’ ships, fences, house design and weapons are also similar to the ones created by Vikings.
Their cultural similarity to the ancestors of Norwegian and Swedish nations are also reflected in their names. Barthff God-Honored, Volairr Alfaenson, Kratag the Wild, Harandi the Walker, Irnsse Hollowleg, Lasgi Jurgensson- these are just few examples of powerful and original male names that you will find on this Nord name generator. You need a name for a female character? In that case you might consider such suggestions as Eiseki Banner Stone, Eirifna Fog-Fur, Ariki the Contemptible, Grosja Alansson, Astaana Mjansson or Jofmgeira Ghjakrikson.
Now here is a short instruction on how to use this system. To start looking, click the button that reads “Generate Nord Names”. When you see a couple of names you would like to take under further consideration, slide down the window to find the list titled “Nord Names Generated”. Click on the suggestions that have coughed your attention, so they would be transferred into your favorites list. You have some ideas on how to improve the name that has been offered to you? Go on! The names in your favorites list can be edited. Have fun using our Nord name generator!

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