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Welcome to our Nordic name generator! Although the modern Nordic countries, Sweden, Iceland, Denmark, Norway and Finland are constantly named among the most economically and socially advanced states in the world, what seems to fascinate the foreigners is not their current achievements, but the ancient Nordic culture and mythology. Variety of comic series, books (such as the Balad of the White Horse, The Incomplete Enchanter, Dark Tea- Time of the Soul), songs, movies (including The Vikings and Thor) as well as television series draws inspiration from Scandinavian folklore.
It might be the case that you landed on this Nordic name generator hoping to find a really original name for your newborn. If this is why you are here, all we can say is congratulations on becoming a parent! Plus, we really admire your ability to think “out of the box”… However, we assume that most of you who are reading this text are on this website hoping to find some powerful names for their video game characters. In fact, this is exactly the reason why we have decided to start working on this Nordic name generator: hundreds of guys and girls who play Skyrim, Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth, Age of Empires Online and Final Fantasy find it hard to come up with the names that would suit their characters and would not ruin the atmosphere of the game. If the name for some video game character is what you need, you landed on the right website. Hjalmanar, Saebardur, Fathalur, Bergautur, Halvadur, Sveinhildur- these are just a few examples of authentic names you could assume. This system could also come in handy for those who prefer using their own imagination and choose old-school Dungeons and Dragons games instead of staring at the computer screens.
Now if you are a regular guest on this website, you can skip this paragraph and start looking for the name right away. Here come the instructions for those who have just found it and are currently wondering what the man has to do here to get a descent Nordic name… You have to press the button that reads “Generate Nordic Names”. Yap, that’s pretty easy. Sorting out the best suggestions is not difficult too: all you have to do is find the names you like most in the list titled “Nordic Names Generated” and then click on each of them, so they would be added to your favorites. We hope you will find this Nordic name generator useful!

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