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Welcome to our Norse name generator! Although the Norse culture in its original ancient form is no longer alive, the modern popular culture is still full of references to its traditions, lifestyle and mythology. Norse characters feature in variety of books (such as Skulduggery Pleasant, The Balad of the White Horse, The Incomplete Enchanter, Eight Days of Luke, Dark Tea-Time of the Soul, Life, the Universe and Everything) comics ( you should know at least one of them, Thor, which has recently became one of the protagonists in The Avengers movie, but generally quite a few books developed by Marvel Universe are based on Norse Pantheon), songs (especially in the ones that belong to the heavy metal genre), television series (Dark Kingdom: The Dragon King, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Vikings), movies (including the Vikings, Thor, The Mask) and video games.

This is why we believe that this Norse name generator will be useful for the widest range of authors, musicians and just gamers. Do you belong to any of these ranks? Then you landed on the right website! Thousands of original Nordic names are now at your fingertips, all you have to do is look through sone of them and pick the one that suits your taste and meets your requirements.

Now as we have learned that the majority of people who land on this website are actually looking for ideas on how to name their game characters, we decided that it would be best to include more names that would suit the atmosphere of Dungeons and Dragons, Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth, Final Fantasy and Age of Empires Online. Berggautur, Fathalur, Hjalmnarr, Ingelhidur, Brunbadur, Aldbert, Saebardur, Sveinhildur, Hallvadur- these are just a few examples of awesome names you could use. As you can see, the suggestions generated by this Norse name generator are rather universal and could be used in the widest range of role playing games, not only in the ones mentioned above.

To start looking, just click the button that reads “Generate Norse Names”. When you see the name that you would like to take under further consideration, slide down the window until you see it in the list titled “Norse Names Generated”. One click and the name will be transferred into your favorites list, so it would not get los among variety of options. Have fun using our Norse name generator and don’t forget this website the next time you have trouble coming up with the names for your caharcters!

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