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Welcome to our Orc name generator! The orc characters were first created by the celebrated author J.R.R. Tolkien. In his books they were described as aggressive, repulsive and brutish race and often contrasted to the Elves, honorable, wise and beautiful creatures. As for the day, Orcs feature in variety of pop culture products. These grotesque gray or green-skinned creatures, who often ride boars and wolves, appear in movies, animated series and video games.
This particular Orc name generator was developed for the fans of World of Warcraft, who have trouble coming up with the original names for their characters. As you might already know, in the World of Warcraft universe the race of Orcs has an interesting and rather dramatic history. They once cultivated an honorable and noble shamanistic society in Draenor, but fell under the influence of Burning Legion and were brought through the dimensional gateway right into the world of Azeroth, to launch a war on human race. Eventually, led by the young Warchief Thrall, Orcs managed to withstand their evil masters and reclaimed their honor and strength. Following this the race left the Eastern Kingdom and moved to Kalimdor, where they founded a nation know as Durotar. As for the day Orcs stand for peace and only fight for their right of survival. Fascinating story, isn’t it?
The fact that we have developed this Orc name generator with World of Warcraft in our minds does not mean that you can’t use this system to find names for other games that feature orc characters. As we have already mentioned, in different video games Orcs are portrayed rather similarly, thus there is no need to make any adjustments. This generator might also come in handy for those who are following the steps of J. R.R. Tolkien and writing fantasy books.
Using this website is as easy as it ever gets. Do you see the button that reads “Generate Orc Names” below this text? Click it, and the new suggestion will appear right in the centre of your screen. If you slide down the window, you will find two separate spaces: “Orc Names Generated” on the left and “Favorite Names” on the right. The first of them was developed so you would not forget the options you have, while the second will help you keep track on your favorite names. Have fun using our Orc name generator and remember this website the next time you are about to start some role playing game!

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