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If you landed on this place name generator you already know that coming up with a cool name for the place is way harder than it seems. Of course, there are a handful of people who actually enjoy this task and can come up with 30 great names in one minute. But for the rest of us, mortals, thinking up an original and powerful place names takes plenty of precious time and nerves. Sitting in front of the screen, mumbling various random combinations of vowels and syllables, trying to get out something that sounds like a nameā€¦ This is definitely not the best way to spend an afternoon, especially if you have other stuff to do. To save you from this misery, we created this place name generator.
This generator will provide you with thousands of original options, thus we can safely guarantee that you will be able to find the one that suits your requirements. One of the greatest benefits of this name generator is that it offers variety of place names that are not used in the real world. Are you wondering why we consider this as a benefit? Well imagine if you writing a book or screenplay. If you set the action in a well known city, like New York, and then claim that something magical or just extraordinary happened there, readers will find it hard to believe you (even for the moment). This is because we associate the real cities with daily life, work and routine, not magic and adventures.
That is why we believe that a great place name has to sound quite realistic, but not too convincing, so people would not start believing a place like this exists somewhere on earth. We developed this place name generator with this idea in our minds, but left quite a wide range of more and less realistic names, so you could decide where this perfect balance between reality and fantasy is. Strongkeep, Spellmarsh, Fairheaven, Dracgate- these sounds like the names of cities inhabited by various magical and fantastic creatures. Springlake. , Dellhollow, Ostbank, Woodcoast- these sounds more like the cities were you and I could live. Of course, you can use this place name generator to come up with names not only for the cities, but also for towns villages, valleys, forests or whatever else you can think of. Whatever you are looking for, we hope you will find it on this website!

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