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Welcome to our project name generator! If you landed on this website, you have probably already tried to come up with a creative project name relying on your own mind or together with your teammates/colleagues and ran out of good ideas. Now that you found this project name generator, this won’t be a problem. Thousands of cool suggestions are at your fingertips. All you have to do is look through some of them and pick the one you like most or choose several project names and let your teammates vote on it.
If you would like to add some laughs to your working day, choosing a funny project name might be the best option. Not only you and your team will have a great time trying to agree on the name, you will also have trouble trying not to smile every time you have to mention it. Plus, using short and catchy code names is way more convenient than trying to describe the project every time you are referring to it. Would you like your project to arouse the public curiosity, so more people would be tempted to come to your presentation? Choosing an interesting project name could help you do that too!
You could either just copy the exact names provided by this project name generator or improve them by adding some words that would refer to your goals or describe you team. For example, you could incorporate your favorite color, the name of the country/city/street you live in or the name of the band you and your teammates admire. Once you choose the first project name, you could turn it into tradition and start naming the following projects in the similar manner. For example, if your first choice is some kind of improvisation on the band name (like The Blue Keys), your following projects could be named Attic Monkeys, Blinkin’ Park, Dutchess of Leon, etc.
To start using this project name generator, simply click the button that reads “Generate Project Names”. When you feel like you have already seen enough, slide down the window to find two separate spaces: one tiled “Project names Generated” and the other that reads “Favorite Names”. Click on the names you would like to be transferred into your favorites list, so you would not get lost among all the options. We hope this project name generator will be helpful for you!

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