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Welcome to our PSN name generator! If you landed on this website, you are probably well aware of what the abbreviation PSN stands for. However, we assume that there will be at least some people who opened this article out of pre curiosity. For those of you, here is an explanation: PSN is an official abbreviation of Play Station Network, an online multiplayer gaming and digital media delivery service provider.
As you might already know, before the funs starts the gamer has to choose his name. This might seem like an easy task, but the fact is it is not. There are already thousands of registered PSN players, thus a significant part of coolest names are already in use. Some players try to “solve” this problem by adding some numbers to the names they like, but in most cases this just makes the name look and sound lame. It gives the impression that the person hiding under that nickname has really poor imagination and is willing to go with the “second best option”. We developed this PSN name generator so you would not have to join the ranks of all these SilentKillrers01, DangerousButterflies111 and BadDogs666.
Although the names you will find on this PSN name generator are already pretty cool, there are several ways you could improve them. For example, if you get the suggestion like Ninja Biscuit and want to make it more personal, you could improve it by adding the name of your hometown. If you like the suggestion Blond4Fun but are proud of your red hair, why not make the name RedHead4Fun? It is unlikely that the names you will find on this website are already in use, but if it appears to be the case, keep in mind that there are much better ways to change the name than adding numbers to its end. For example, you could just add a prefix “The”, “Mr.” or “Ms.” and see if it works.
Now here is a short instruction on how to use this PSN name generator. First of all, click the button that reads “Generate PSN Names”. You don’t like what you see? Just keep clicking! The next name you see could be the one that suits you just perfect. If you find yourself wondering “what was that cool name I saw a minute ago?”, slide down the window and you will find all the previous suggestions listed in the section “PSN Names Generated”.

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