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Welcome to our random last name generator! Most people believe that finding the right first name for the character is more important than choosing the perfect surname. The arguments they use to support such reasoning are rather questionable: first names are used more often than the last ones, they define the particular personality. We must say right now, we cannot agree with this.
As for one reason, if the author is writing a book that takes the reader at least a several decades to the past, it is most likely that to make the dialogues more realistic he will “force” the characters to refer to each other by last names. The same is true if the book is telling the story that happened nowadays, but the style of language the characters use is rather official. Second, although it might be true to say that the first name defines the particular personality, there are no sound arguments to support the claim that surname does not have the same function. As for one reason, there is an old saying that one cannot understand where the person stands, unless he knows where that person came from. Among other things it means that to fully understand and appreciate the character we must have some clue about his origins and family. Even if what we know are only the vague hints provided by the last name.
Of course, we do realize that coming up with the name that would help to reveal the fullness of particular character is easier said than done. This is exactly why we believe that developing random last name generator was the task worth our time and effort. The widest range of last names are now at your fingertips, thus we are pretty sure that you will our help you will be able to find something even for the most extraordinary of your characters.
Using this random last name generator is easier than you might expect. Each time you will click the button that reads “Generate Random Last Names”, you will be provided with one original option. One simple tip: do not consider the surname separately, but try to figure out whether it goes with the first name instead. The easiest way to do this is reading the last names out loud along with the first name you have already chosen (or a couple of them that are currently under considerations). We hope you will find this random last name generator useful!

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