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Welcome to our rapper name generator! There might be some people who opened this website looking for some ideas for nicknames, login names, twitter names, msn names, PSN names, Xbox Live names, etc. Those of you who did, will not be disappointed: there are actually hundreds of cool street-style names that would be perfect in each of these cases. However, we developed this rapper name generator to help young artists make the successful first step of their careers. Yes, you understood right: we believe that the artist starts building his professional career the moment he chooses a stage name, not when he actually starts seeking popular recognition, releases his first record, etc.
Everyone who has been working in showbiz (or learned about the rules that apply in this sphere under some other circumstances) knows that choosing the right stage name is extremely important. As for one reason, most people get the first impression about the musician not when they hear his records, but the second they hear his or her name. Of course, later when the person gets familiar with the works of the artist his opinion changes, but it does not change as fast and easily as you might think. Numerous psychological studies have showed that the first impression is incredibly hard to overcome. Of course, picking an inadequate stage name is not some sort of irreversible mistakes. There are some successful artists who allowed themselves to make such changes and continued their careers. However, as you change the stage name, you have to start nearly back where you have started from: at the stage of popularizing it. After hearing all this you might feel a bit stressed. However, there is really no need to worry. We are absolutely sure that with the help of this rapper name generator you will be able to make the choice you won’t regret.
To start looking, simply click the button that reads “Generate Rapper Names” (you will see it below this text). Repeat the same thing until you see some names you might want to take under further consideration, than slide down the window to see two different spaces: one titled “Rapper Names Generated” and the other “Favorite Names”. All you have to do to transfer the suggestion form one list to another is click on it with your mouse. We hope you will find this rapper name generator useful and if you do, please share it with your friends!

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