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Welcome to our redneck name generator! Although all of you have heard this term before, when asked to describe what “redneck” actually means some people get confused. The truth is, this word does not have an exact definition and the portrayal of rednecks in various pop-culture products varies. Originally, the word “redneck” referred to poor, uneducated white farmers form the Sothern United States. However, today this term is used more widely. It has the similar meaning to cracker, hillbilly and the white trash (although the last of these terms suggests immorality, which is not necessarily attributed to the rednecks).
Although both poverty and lack of education are serious problems, in the popular culture rednecks are usually portrayed as comical characters. For example, in 1993 Jeff Foxworthy earned mainstream success as he released a comedy album You Might be a Redneck if… To help you all understand the features of rednecks as they are portrayed in today’s television we should mention one name that you all know… Honey Boo Boo. Although people have different feelings towards this little girl and her mother, the shows they appear in attract millions of viewers. If you also belong to the part of population which finds redneck characters lovable or just funny, this redneck name generator could give you a lot of fun. For example, it could help you find the hilarious nicknames for your friends!
You might also be interested to know that there was a time when the term “redneck” was not that controversial. For example, back in 1973 Johnny Russell was nominated for a Grammy Award for his record “Rednecks, White Socks a Blue Ribbon Bear”. As was noted by some commentators, he just managed to parlay the “common touch” into critical and financial success. Maybe you would like to follow the example of Russell and write a song about a modern redneck? If this is the case, you could use this redneck name generator to help you come up with some starting ideas.
All you have to do to get one original suggestion is click the button that reads “Generate Redneck Names”. Below in this same window you will find two separate sections, “Redneck Names Generated” and “Favorite Names”, which will help you sort out the really great options from the sloppy ones. So what are you waiting for? Start using this redneck name generator and you will get variety of hilarious suggestions like Aleigh A Beaver and Peaches Honeyblossom!

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