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Welcome to our rock name generator! If you are not new in the music industry, you already know that finding the right name for your group is extremely important for your professional success. We won’t say that the mistake on this step could ruin your future career: if you and your band-mates really have the talent, believe in what you are doing and are stubborn enough, no name could stop you from rising to stardom. However, the wrong name could actually become a major obstacle on your way to success.
In order to understand why, you just have to imagine yourself in the shoes of random rock music fan who does not have enough time to keep track on every new band that tries to break into the music industry. Imagine you have only a limited amount of time and are presented with overwhelming variety of option. You have not heard about any of the bands’ tiles before and you definitely don’t want to torture yourself by listening to the tracks recorded by “artists” who should never be allowed to escape from the garage they are currently rehearsing in. What are you going to do? You won’t have any other choice but to base your first judgment on the band’s name and hope for the best. The groups that have made a really poor name choice will yet have to wait for your attention. To make sure your group won’t end up in this waiting list too, we have developed this rock band name generator. It contains thousands of original suggestions, thus no matter what is the exact style and “taste” of you music, you will be able to find something that goes with it.
Now here is a short instruction on how to use the rock band name generator you have been lucky to find. For starters, click the button that reads “Generate Rock Band Names” to see the first suggestion. It is not what you have been expecting? Just have some patience and keep clicking: the next name could sound as it if was created especially for your group. As soon as you see the name that is worth attention, slide down the window and find it in the section titled “Rock Band Names Generated”- it should be at the top of the list. Click on the suggestion that has caught your attention and it will be immediately transferred into your favorites list. Have fun using our rock band name generator!

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