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Welcome to our Roman name generator! If you landed on this website, you are probably about to start playing some video game that takes you back to the ancient Rome. As a person who has tried quite a few of them, I must say that most of these games are absolutely amazing. However, before you can start enjoying the virtual adventures you have to complete one ugly task: you have to find the name that would suit your character. Maybe in some other circumstances using your imagination could be fun, but not when you are champing at a bit to start playing! To make this task easier and faster to deal with, we have developed a Roman name generator that contains thousands of different combinations of powerful and melodic Roman names. The variety of options provided on this website will be a pleasant surprise even for the choosiest gamers!
You want nothing to do with video games and need a name for your book character? Or maybe you came here looking for some ideas on how to name the character that features on your screenplay? You won’t be disappointed too! Marcellus Duccius Decianus, Cassius Vollusius Falconius, Gallus Talmudius Fabilus, Oppius Maecilius Brusius, Secundus Verginius Ordius- there are just a few of great male names this Roman name generator has to offer. We also have variety of names that will suit female characters: Rufria Tourina, Atia Vertranio, Papia Castoria, Volusena Velocisima… We could continue this list forever and forever is a long time. Feel free to choose the first name you like most and couple it with the last name and surname from the different suggestion.
You are worried that the names you liked will simply slip out of your mind? Don’t seek for a piece of paper, we have already taken care of that. Each time the system generates a new name the previous one does not disappear, but is sent into “Roman Names Generated” list. You will find it a little below in the same window, right next to the space titled “Favorite Names”. Now what this later list is for? We have created it to help you keep track on the names you liked most. In order to transfer the name from one list to another you just have to click on it. The names you have chosen as your favorites can be edited, so you can make any improvements you find necessary. Have fun using our Roman name generator!

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