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Welcome to our royal name generator! Royal families have been in the centre of public attention for centuries… Some of them were loved, some of them were hated, but each and every one of them was envied. Even though we understand that being watched and discussed 24/7 is not a piece of pay, sometimes we still dream of getting into the shoes of royalties, if only for a day. It is hard to tell when was the last time any royal couple has received as much media attention as William and Kate have ever since their engagement. The faces of these two lucky lovers have featured on variety of television programs, their pictures were printed in nearly every newspaper not only in England, but all over the world, the happy couple even started smiling for the tourists from the cups and variety of other souvenirs.
The public obsession with Kate and William was one of the main reasons we have decided to develop this royal name generator. It could be used in variety of cases. Maybe you are a talented author, who can come up with the most fascinating story in less than five minutes but hate waisting your time thinking up names for your characters? Or perhaps you are writing a screenplay about the royal family, which is trying to cope with the pressure of fame, fake friends who appear at the doorsteps seduced by their fortune, betrayals, and conspiracies? Or maybe you are one of those persons who just love happy endings and are currently writing a classical love story, which starts with the prince seeing the princess all across the ballroom and ends with their wedding? Whichever is the case, this royal name generator is all you need to find the perfect solution. It will provide you with thousands of options, so you will definitely be able to find the one that suits all your requirements.
To start looking, just click the button that reads “Generate Royal Names”. Each time you repeat this action, the system will provide you with one original suggestion. When you feel like you have already seen enough, slide down the window to find the section titled “Royal Names generated”. Click on the names you liked most, so they would be transferred into your favorites list on the left. Have fun using our royal name generator and don’t forget this website the next time you are looking for some kind of name!

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