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We all know that coming up with a cool screen name, pseudonym used for internet communications and BBSs, can be a hard and irritating task. This is especially true if you are pretty tired after the long day at school, college or work. We created this screen name generator to take this task off your shoulders. It contains thousands of suggestions, so you will never run out of options and have to resort to using screen name you don’t even like. Just have a little patience- we cannot promise that the name that suits you just perfect will appear in the screen right away.
This particular screen name generator is created in such a way, that it allows personalization. The typical name suggestion generated by the system should consist out of three parts: prepend, adjective and append. Only the adjective is suggested by the system randomly, meanwhile the first and last parts of the screen name are up to you.
So how should you use this screen name generator? There’s actually nothing complicated. Do you see the little box next to the word “Prefix”? Use it to type the word with which your name will start. Typical examples of the prefix would be “Mr.”, “Miss” or “The”, but you can choose whatever word you like, for example “Truly”, “Barely”, “Realy”, etc. More to the right you will see the place to type the third part of your name. We suggest you choose your name, nickname or the word that describes you.
Here is an example: if you choose “The” as a prefix and Charlie (let’s say this is your name) as suffix, the system will generate screen names like TheSpikyCharlie, TheAmbiguousCharlie, TheNarrowCharlie and etc. If instead of typing your name you add your profession as a suffix (let’s say you are an artist) and choose “Mr.” as a prefix, you will get results like Mr.OvertArtist, Mr.SmoothArtist and Mr.SmoggyArtist. Now all you have got to do is keep pressing the “Generate Screen Names” button until you see the name you like.
We are absolutely sure that this screen name generator can help you find a perfect name. However, if it appears that you are looking for something different, you can check the other name generators offered on this website. For example, if you want a screen name that would sound more official and would still hide your actual identity, you can take a look at our random name generator!

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