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Welcome to our Sith name generator! If you landed on this website, it is unlikely that you need to be explained what the Sith is… In fact, it would be hard to find the person who has not seen at least one of the legendary Star Wars movies that makes up an original trilogy: IV: A New Hope, Episode V: Empire Strikes Back or Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. Since the spring of 1977, when the first of these George Lucas’ masterpieces reached the cinemas, Star Wars really became almost unprecedented cultural phenomenon. However, if in some unexplainable way you have managed to live up to this day without learning what the Sith is, here is a brief explanation: Sith is an organization, members of which have dedicated themselves to the Dark side of the Force. But seriously, if you have not seen these movies yet, don’t settle with this description and go watch the movies yourself! Believe us, this won’t be a waste of time.
But enough about the movies, let’s start talking about this particular Sith name generator. The reason we have decided to develop this system is the fact that there is a number of video games that allow the players to assume the role of Sith member and ask to choose his name. As you know, this is not an easy task, because the names typical to Sith members are rather specific. However, with this Sith name generator you will be able to make a decision in no time. It contains hundreds of different names and all of them fit into the atmosphere of Star Wars just perfectly. Whether you are looking for name for SWTOR Sith warrior or Sith inquisitor, you won’t be disappointed. If you already know how to use the generators provided on this website, you can skip the following paragraph and start looking right away. However, if you are here for the first time, here come the instructions.
To start looking, click the button that reads “Generate Sith Names”. Keep clicking until you feel like you have already seen enough and then slide down the window. Billow you will find two separate spaces: one titled “Sith Names Generated” and the other that reads “Favorite Names”. Transferring names from one list to another is really easy: just click on each of them. Have fun using our Sith name generator and keep in mind that the names in your favorites list can be edited!

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